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email at:  montezumacountyfairboard@gmail.com

  • Upcoming Events

    • The Montezuma County Fairboard meets every 3rd Monday in the Commissioners Room – 109 West Main, beginning at 7:00 p.m. (All Interested Parties are Welcome to Attend)




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  • Montezuma County Fair




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    Pay at the Gate
    No advance tickets available

  • Rodeo


    Community Open Classes Are for Everyone

    Enter your Fair!


    Baked Goods



    Food Preservation









    Weaving & Yarns




  • Vendors

    The Montezuma County Fair accepts any Individual, Business or Organization as a vendor. Simply fill out the application and return it with payment one check for security deposit and one check for booth space.

    Montezuma County Fair Vendor Agreement

    Send your completed application with payment made out to the Montezuma County Fair Board To :

    Montezuma County Fair
    C/O 109 West Main Rm#102
    Cortez, CO 81321

    • Payment must be made by cash or money order only, checks will not be accepted.
    • Booth spaces can be chosen after applications with payment are received.
    • Booth space will not be reserved without payment.
    • Please specify if you need electricity.
    • Vendors are to bring their own displays, as the Fair does not provide tables.





  • About Us

    email at :  montzumacountyfairboard@gmail.com

    The Fair Board shall be the managing Board of the Montezuma County Fair appointed by and under the direction of the Board of Montezuma County Commissioners.

    The purpose of the Fair Board is to organize, coordinate and manage a community event known as the Montezuma County Fair.

    The Fair Board shall make all rules and regulations pertaining to exhibits, displays, events and activities as within the scope of the objectives and purposes for which the Fair Board was appointed.

  • Gallery


    Montezuma County Fair Board Meeting

    Call to Order
    Group Photo Approval
    Approval of April Minutes
    Treasurers Report
    Public Comment
    List for Tanner

    Old Business

    • Hay for Lawn Mower race
    • Poster
    • Fair Book
    • Ads
    • CREA
    • Vendors
    • Silent Auction
    • Chili and Salsa Contest
    • Corn Shucking
    • Raffle (NEW)
    • Website
    • B&F Buckles invoices sent
    • Newspaper
    • Bike Show update
    • Demo Derby
    • Concessions at Demo Derby
    • Porta Pottys
    • Greased Pig, Calf Scramble, Chicken Chase Release
    • Colt Starting Challenge
    • Montezuma County Music Fest
    • Schedule for Fair Board
    • Gymkhana
    • Ranch Rodeo
    • Update from BOCC on beer


    New Business

    • Vet for weigh-in
    • cash drawers