Colorado Department of Labor and Employment: Report Fraud

With the rise in unemployment insurance claims associated with COVID-19, nationally there has been a rise in fraudulent claims and other instances of fraud or identity theft. If you receive a Reliacard debit card or other paperwork from CDLE and have not filed a claim, report it to us via the form below and follow the five steps we have outlined. Use this same form if you have received any paperwork to your mailing address that was sent to someone else other than those in your household.

Protect Yourself Against Fraud and Identity theft 
Never give out personally identifiable information over the phone. We will never contact you and ask for your social security number (SSN), bank account numbers, your PIN, account passwords, or any other personally identifiable information.

If You’re an Individual Facing Identity Theft

If you received unemployment paperwork but did not file a claim, or otherwise believe you are a victim of identity theft related to unemployment benefits.

  • One – Submit an Identity Theft Report with us.
  • Two – Next, deactivate the U.S. Bank card by filling out the U.S Bank Form.
  • Three – Contact the three consumer credit bureaus and put a fraud alert on your name and Social Security number (SSN).
    Credit Bureau Contact Info: Equifax: 1-800-525-6285 Experian: 1-888-397-3742 TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289
  • Four – Create a file where you can keep records of this identity theft in one place.

“Report Fraud” Colorado Department of Labor and Employment March 5th 2021.

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