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DHS Operation Graduation 2021

Fundraiser by Dolores Graduation: DHS Operation Graduation 2021 (

Dolores Graduation is organizing this fundraiser.

Operation Graduation is a community-sponsored program that takes place on graduation night for the Dolores High School seniors, providing a safe, fun and substance-free alternative for all graduates to enjoy.  This all-night party allows students to be together as a class one last time and includes many events and prizes to enjoy.
    In 1997, a pilot program began in Dolores with about half of the seniors attending.  It has grown in popularity each year with near, if not all, graduates enjoying the all-night “lock-in” affair.  This will be the 24th annual Operation Graduation and we are happy to report that there has not been a single accident or arrest on graduation night since the program was launched.   
    One of the many incentives for students to participate in this night of music, games, food and entertainment, is the chance to win big-ticket items resulting from donations by our generous partners.  In past years, students have taken home personal computers, laptops, mountain bikes or televisions.  Each graduate will also receive a tote or laundry basket filled with a variety of items for stocking their new dwellings as they venture out into the world.
     Our goal is to provide each and every graduate with both a memorable night and a selection of practical prizes and gifts to reward their academic accomplishments and commitment to a safe and sensible celebration.  This  event is funded 100% by generous donations and contributions from people like you, area businesses and the DHS community of family and friends.  Our sponsors are widely publicized during the time leading up to Operation Graduation and featured on promotional materials.   

    This celebration serves as an effective means to protect our students, as well as providing memories that will last a lifetime.  Please accept our invitation to become a sponsor to make Operation Graduation 2021 a success.  Donate now or contact one of the following members to find out more.