Press release level blue 3-3-2021

Our community has made great progress to bring the surge in COVID cases that occurred in late December through early February under control.  This has been made possible by the consistent and patient cooperation of individuals and businesses.

Montezuma County’s vaccination providers have done an outstanding job to immunize those at highest risk from COVID illness here.   That program continues and will require more to be immunized before we can truly relax.

County leaders have closely followed the data related to what qualifies a county to be at a given level on the state COVID Dial.  We now recognize that our data indicates that Montezuma County can safely function under the guidelines outlined at Level Blue.  We trust that CDPHE will agree with that assessment, but each county is best positioned to know the level of COVID disease in their community.

On the basis of our assessment of the COVID situation in Montezuma County, the BOCC designates us to be at Blue Level in terms of guidelines for business and community-wide activities.  

As always, we have the health of community members as our primary focus.  We feel confident that COVID illness here can be controlled. Vaccination is an important part of ridding COVID from the community.  Vaccinated persons are highly protected from serious illness or death from COVID-19. 

Please treat each other with respect.



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