Montezuma County Social Services

Child Support Enforcement

We value children having care and support from both of their parents.  We are committed to your child(ren) receiving these supports and helping both parents get what they need to be successful in helping their child(ren) thrive.

By taking an active role in learning about Child Support Services, you’ll likely have a greater success receiving regular support payments – or, if you are the paying parent, success in making regular child support payments.

We’re happy to meet with you in regards to your case. To schedule an initial meeting, please call: 970-565-3769

Some services are provided online. Please visit if you need to:

  1. Obtain general child support information such as how to start a case, establish paternity and support and calculate child support.
  2. Obtain information about the family support registry for making and receiving payments.
  3. Register to access specific case/account information.


Clients can also contact the state child support office by phone at 800-374-6558 or 303-299-9123.

Payments can be mailed to:
Family Support Registry
P.O. Box 2171,
Denver, CO 80201-2171

Overnight Express Payments
Family Support Registry,
1575 Sherman St. 5th Fl.
Denver, CO 80203-1702 (UPS ONLY).

Clients can obtain a Child Support packet from the Montezuma County Social Services Reception Desk located 109 W Main St. (lobby). Clients can also contact a Child Support Services Technician to answer questions and request a child support packet to be mailed to them. Clients can call a Child Support Services Technician at 970-565-3769 if more information is needed. Montezuma County Department of Social Services is no longer accepting Over the Counter payments as of March 17, 2020.

Please be advised DO NOT SEND CASH PAYMENTS if mailing payment to the Family Support Registry (FSR). Only checks, money orders, or cashier checks can be accepted. When making payments from any source, please make those payments at least 5 days prior to the last working day to ensure your payment will post for the current month’s due date.

About Colorado Child Support Services
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