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Public Notice 

Montezuma County Landfill is requesting bids for a trommel screen. Requirements are as follows. 1, Track driven machine with remote control. 2, side and rear conveyors with a minimum discharge height of 7.5 ft . 3, Drum diameter is to 4.5-6ft and 10-14ft in length. 4, Self-cleaning brushes. 5, Quick change screen capability. 6, 4 cubic yard hopper. 7, Wire screen is to be 1/4” 8, Diesel-powered 80-100hp.
Need bids by Aug 24, 2020. Send bid to Montezuma County Landfill.

Public Notice 

1 Submersible ½ hp. 230 vac that will pump 4 GPM at 165 ft of head and can be laid on its side. Must also price control panel for pump with 0-5 psi water level transducer, Pump Saver, 100’ of cable for both pump and sensors and 1 ¼” disconnect adaptor for 18” SDR 11 HDPE pipe, all electrical connectors. This project is for a landfill leachate pumping station.
Send quotes to: mjarmon@co.montezuma.co.us
Need quotes by Aug 14

Public Notice 
Public Notice


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