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YouTube: Montezuma County BOCC Meeting July 2, 2024


DATE: July 2, 2024 



9:00 A.M.      Minutes


                    Public Comment Session

The Board of Montezuma County Commissioners welcomes you to this meeting.  Persons speaking during Public Comment will be limited to three minutes, or depending on the number of people wishing to speak, it may be reduced to allow all members of the public the opportunity to address the board.  When addressing the Board, please state your name and address for the record prior to providing your comments.  Comments to individual Supervisors or staff are not permitted. Participants may not yield their time to others.


Liquor license application for Mancos Valley Summer Brewfest –Malinda Fuller

Unfinished Business

Fixed route service feasibility study

Discussion of Data Use  with Chestnut Health Systems (JBBS Grant)

Decision on Asphalt Blade Patching

Decision on Forest Service Agreement



County Attorney Report – Ian MacLaren

County Administrator Report – Travis Anderson

County Commissioners Report


IN ADDITION the Board of County Commissioners shall conduct such further business as may come before said meeting.

Please Note:  Except for the start time and public hearings, all other times are approximate only.




Board of Health Meeting Agenda

July 2, 2024

1:30 – 3:00 pm

Montezuma County Commissioner Board Room

·      Welcome, introductions, approval of April minutes

·      Communicable Disease update

·      Transition of CTC (Communities that Care) to Healthy Montezuma- Brenda Knapp

·      Celtic Fair food pantry donation

·      OPHP mini conference

·      Dr. Asha Atwell with Sih Hasin (Street Medicine) will join us at our next BOH meeting in October.


Thank you all for attending and we look forward to our next

BOH meeting on October 1, 2024, 1:30-3:00 pm

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