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Address Change Resources and Explanation (FAQ’s)

The main purpose of the County Addressing Project is to make accesses easy to pinpoint for emergency responders and citizens. Inaccuracies in addressing can result in difficulties with emergency services, utility connections, package deliveries, UPS, FedEx, etc.

Information regarding your new address will be sent electronically to your local Post Office and the Address Management System. Please be aware the Post Office will only forward your mail from your previous address for ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF THIS LETTER. After that time, mail addressed to your previous address will be returned to the sender and will be unable to be forwarded. Note: A change of address does NOT in any way modify property deeds or legal description.

Montezuma County is sending notification letters to property owners. If you have a tenant / lessee you will need to notify them of this change. Property owners are responsible for tenant/lessee notifications.

If you receive your mail by rural mail delivery, you will need to change the address numbers on your mailbox to reflect your newly assigned address number as soon as possible.

The County notifies 911 services, Empire Electric, Montezuma Water Co. landline telephone companies, UPS, FED-X, etc. of changes. A full list can be found on the website.

Reflective address markers are available at the Cortez Fire Protection District at a cost of $30.00. Located at 31 N Washington St, Cortez CO. 81321. Phone Number (970) 565-3157 Preferred installation is on gate/fence post at access location. All in-ground markers require contacting the Utility Notification Center or 811 BEFORE makers can be installed in-ground.

All other parties that you receive rural mail from will need to be notified by you of this change (e.g. mortgage companies, banks, cell phone providers, etc.). You will also need to contact any other governmental offices, financial institutions, or any other businesses specific to you. This is not the responsibility of Montezuma County.


Helpful Numbers:

Colorado Driver’s License notification – Colorado DMV- Cortez Office 970-565-9779

County Assessors Office – Update of tax bill MAILING ADDRESS if needed 970-565-3428

County Clerk and Recorder – Motor Vehicle and Voter Registration 140 W. Main Cortez CO 81321 – 970-565-3728

Montezuma County Addressing Project FAQ’s

Why are addresses being changed?

The Montezuma County Board of Commissioners has seen a need for a more uniform addressing system though out the whole of Montezuma County. As address numbers within many sections of roads are out of sequence or the properties are otherwise misaddressed to the point that 911 emergency responders frequently have difficulty in finding such addresses. ALL address corrections are to make property ACCESSES more easily located.


Who is doing the address corrections?

The Montezuma County Addressing Office. If you have any questions or concerns please contact.

GIS Department
109 West Main Rm. 350
Cortez, CO 81321
Phone (970) 564-4158 or Email


What is the exact purpose of this project?

The primary purpose of the re-addressing project is to provide uniform property address numbers to allow emergency services to locate residents and their properties throughout Montezuma County in a timely manner.

The secondary purpose of the project is to make certain that, in the future as the county experiences growth, new address numbers will correctly fit into the existing address number range within each section of each county road.


Will ALL address numbers on county roads be changed?

No. ALL addresses in Montezuma County will be looked at and analyzed, and with the most logical and thorough diligence corrected with as few changes that can be made to keep a logical and safe numbering system within the county.


WHEN will my road be re-addressed? How long will this project take?

This is an ongoing project and at this time there is no way of knowing. Montezuma County wants to make sure that all due diligence is used BEFORE addresses are to be changed.


Doesn’t the County realize that correcting each person’s address will be a hassle?

YES, the County understands and regrets that each address change may have a considerable, but temporary, impact upon each property owner and their renter or lessees. Please remember that this project is for public safety and changes will be made ONLY when absolutely necessary.


I’ve had my address for years, can’t it be grandfathered in?

No. Addresses will NOT be grandfathered as Montezuma County has properties that have been homesteaded and properties that are new. With the growth of the county ALL addresses regardless of the length of time they have been in use will be examined and corrections made as necessary, so ALL address numbers will be in sequence within your section of road.


If my address is changing can I choose my new address number?

No. Address numbers are being assigned as accurately as possible to a property’s driveway or access point. This will give the best information to emergency responders and others to locate the access as fast as possible.


How will I know that my address has been corrected?

The Montezuma County Addressing Office will make contact with you prior to any changes so that all questions and concerns may be dealt with as it is not the intention of Montezuma County to make this change harder than needed or without a complete understanding.


Will addresses be affected in municipalities such as Cortez, Dolores, and Mancos?

No, the scope of the re-addressing project only covers the rural, unincorporated areas of Montezuma County.


Who do I need to contact about the address change?

Each individual will have a unique set of people to contact. If you own a rental property it is the OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY to notify any and all renters or lessees. You will NOT need to notify the Post Office as address corrections are sent electronically to the Local and the Addressing Management
System of the USPS. You are required to notify the Colorado DMV and County Clerk’s Office to update Driver’s license, Voting and Motor Vehicle registrations.

Colorado DMV Cortez Office – (970) 565-9779 there will be NO CHARGE for an address change unless renewing your current license.

County Clerk and Recorder – (970) 565-3728 Motor Vehicle Registration there will be NO CHARGE for an address change unless renewing.

Montezuma County Assessor’s Office – (970) 565-3428 You may wish to review the address your tax bill is being sent to

Montezuma County notifies 911 services, Empire Electric, Propane Distributors, Gas Companies, Landline Telephone companies, as well as UPS and Fed-X to help with the address change process as much as possible.


How long do I have to change my address?

The Post Office will forward mail from your previous address for (1) one year from the time that they receive the electronic notification. The change of LOCATION ADDRESS in the Assessor’s Office will be immediate.


If any question was not answered please contact.

GIS Department
Phone: (970) 564-4158


Doug Roth, GIS Manager
3rd Floor (East Building Entrance)
109 West Main Street, Room 350
Cortez, CO 81321
FAX: (970) 565-3420
Office Hours: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Thursday

GIS Manager

Doug Roth,

GIS Specialist

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