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Building in Montezuma County

Be sure to acquire the proper permits before building or remodeling in Montezuma County.

Planning & Zoning Online Permit Portal

For your convenience, please fill out the form below to schedule an appointment with the Planning Dept. to discuss any land use questions to ensure we have adequate time to address your concerns.

Online Permit Portal
The following is a link to our new permit portal for the listed departments: Planning & Zoning, Septic & Environmental Health, Addressing & GIS, and Road & Bridge - Driveways.

Permit Portal Instructions

For all new development in Montezuma County, residential or commercial, please fill out the following form:

This is the best way for us to assist you in obtaining an address, septic, and/or driveway permit for your project.

Once this form is filled out we will assist you with the following areas:
  • Certificate of Occupancy:  Montezuma County does not issue Certificates of Occupancy nor do we have a building department. While we do not enforce building codes for residential construction, you may hire a qualified inspector for your construction project.
  • Contact list for development
  • Commercial and Industrial buildings and structures: all new construction and remodeling ARE required to be in compliance with Uniform Building Code 1997 or greater.
  • Covenants: If your land is within a subdivision please review your covenants for restrictions before building as some may have specific guidelines and more stringent standards than the County’s minimum Design Guideline Standards.
  • Addressing: All residential & commercial development requires a County assigned 911 address.
  • Septic Permit: Available through the Health Department, Cody Sprague, Sanitarian
  • Access Permit: A driveway permit for access is required unless you access off a red signed non-county owned and maintained road
  • If your access is directly off a Highway please contact CDOT at 970-385-3626
  • State Electrical and Plumbing info: 303-894-7800  DPO HOME | Division of Professions and Occupations (
  • Snow loads, wind loads, and foundations: For information please contact an engineer.
  • Floodplain: If you are within a floodplain you must submit proof of compliance with the Montezuma County Floodplain Resolution 13-2008
  • Storm-water Permit: 303-692-3517  COR400000 Stormwater Discharge | Department of Public Health & Environment ( if you will disturb an acre or more of land.
  • Utility Notification Center of Colorado: 811 or 1-800-922-1987 Call before you dig.
  • Setbacks: The following are required:
    1. New fences are to be set back a minimum of 30 feet from the centerline of County roads.
    2. Setbacks for dwellings are to be a minimum of 30 feet from County Road rights-of-way, a minimum of 30 feet from the right-of-way of service roads or streets within a platted subdivision, and 30 feet from lot lines.
    3. Setbacks for barns, garages, and other auxiliary structures shall be a minimum of 30 feet from County road rights-of-way and property lines not adjacent to roads and highways.
    4. Within the Dolores River Valley all new commercial and residential construction, including Individual Sewage Disposal Systems, shall be set back 100 feet from the existing stream bank.

Please Note!

Staff members cannot give legal advice; these prohibitions include assisting or advising with documents to file or record, complete the documents, or assessing the legality or “correctness of a document(s).” If this type of assistance is required, contact your attorney or legal adviser. C.R.S. 12-5-101


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