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Agriculture plays a key role in Montezuma County. Montezuma County Extension works with various partners to provide the community with educational opportunities in the areas of crop production, raising livestock, and overall agricultural business management.


Call Emily at 970-564-4170 or email to make an appointment

Site & Field Visits On-site information and consultations in Montezuma County regarding agriculture, grazing management, livestock, and natural resource issues. Call Emily at 970-564-4170 to make an appointment.

Checking out tools Call ahead to check out a soil probe or hay probe.

Forage, Soil & Water Testing We can give you information on how to accurately collect samples as well as help interpret results. We do not mail samples for you but can guide you through the process of how to submit samples to a lab.

How to take a soil sample instructions:
Soil Sampling
Soil Sampling Instructions

Interpreting a soil test:
CSU Soil, Water and Plant Lab – Interpreting a soil test report

Fertilizing recommendations for crops:
Fertilizing Cool Season Grasses and Grass/legume Mixtures
Fertilizing winter wheat
Fertilizing Spring Seeded Small Grain
Fertilizing alfalfa and other forages

Testing labs:
CSU Soil, Water and Plant Testing Lab
Ward Lab
Midwest Labs

Plant and Insect Identification Services We provide identification of major plant pests (insects, diseases, and weeds) along with management strategies at our office. We also provide general identification of household (and other) insects, native and non-native plants.

The Noxious Weed Department is conveniently located within our same complex. For more information on the Montezuma Noxious Weed Department and the cost-share programs, they have available, visit call (970) 565-0580.

Pesticide Applicators License Exam

Individuals who would like to purchase and apply restricted-use pesticides for private use are required to have a Colorado Department of Agriculture Private Pesticide License. The training manual and examination packet are $20.00. The license fee is $75.00 The license is good for three years. For more information go to Commercial pesticide applicators’ licenses are also obtained through the CDA. For Commercial Pesticide Applicator information go to The phone number for more pesticide information is 303-869-9057. The general phone number for the CDA is 303-869-9000.

Highlighted Programs and Projects:

Drought Advisors

About Us

Mission: To remove barriers and share drought coping strategies within individual operations by working holistically as a network to ensure needs are met.

Vision: To build short and long term resilience for drought among Colorado Producers by working with farmers and ranches to connect resources, identify/ assess risk, and implement practices that lesson the impact of drought.


Click here to visit RestoreNet

Watch a YouTube video about the project CSU Extension RestoreNet plot in southwestern Colorado

Researching rangeland and dryland cropland restoration practices to increase seeding success in dryland systems. There are two sites in Montezuma County and expansion of the project is underway. Email Emily Lockard for updates or to be a part of our project stakeholder group. This is a collaborative project with U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), CSU and Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. The treatments include ground modifications (e.g. soil amendments, physical alterations, mulching), seeding vs. out planting seedlings from a greenhouse, timing of planting, and herbicide treatments to suppress invasive species.


Hay Resources


Soil Health


Grazing and Carrying Capacity


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Montezuma County Conservation Districts
Mancos Conservation District and High Desert Conservation District
Both conservation districts rent no till drills

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