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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness and Response includes helping the community prepare for manmade, natural and zoonotic emergencies.
Montezuma County Public Health safeguards the public safety by coordinating Emergency Preparedness for our community.
The Emergency Preparedness & Response program offers courses for professional development and community education.


The EPR department works with local agencies to inform, educate and empower the community about disaster preparedness. We provide training and exercises to provide a competent public health work force. We participate in a regional Health Care Coalition to work closely with other medical- and health-related agencies. When necessary, the EPR Coordinator responds to local and state disasters to coordinate efforts with other agencies.

Emergency Preparedness is just one of the Public Safety issues Montezuma County Public Health is involved with.
Emergency Preparedness is just one of the Public Safety issues Montezuma County Public Health is involved with.


  • READY.GOV – FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness website. How to develop an evacuation plan, build a go-kit, and be ready for an emergency.
  • CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response – Center for Disease Control’s Emergency Preparedness and Response website. How to prepare for natural and man-made disasters, including chemical disasters and hazmat events.
  • READY Colorado – Colorado Preparedness Website. How to build a go-kit, how to live in wildfire country, information for kids, and available classes and training in emergency preparedness.
  • CSU Extension: Info for Horse Owners – Wildfire Preparedness information for Horse Owners, provided by Colorado State University’s Extension Office.
  • FLU.GOV – Information about flu, the flu vaccine, pandemic awareness and updates on seasonal flu statistics.
  • More information on Emergency Preparedness can be obtained by calling 970-564-4777
    Preparations for emergency vaccinations
    The Regional EPR Coordinator responds to emergencies in the five-county Southwest Region.
Contact Emergency Preparedness & Response Coordinator
Trent Woods, Emergency Preparedness & Response Coordinator
Montezuma County Annex
106 West North
Cortez, CO 81321
Phone: (970) 565-3056
FAX: (970) 565-0647
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Emergency Preparedness & Response Coordinator
Trent Woods
Contact Montezuma County Emergency Preparedness & Response Coordinator​