Montezuma County Fair

Montezuma County Fair Vendor Agreement Terms and Conditions


2023 Vendor/ Exhibitor Contract

About Us

The purpose of the Fair Board is to organize, coordinate, and manage a community event known as the Montezuma County Fair. The Fair Board shall be the managing Board of the Montezuma County Fair appointed by and under the direction of the Board of Montezuma County Commissioners at:

The Fair Board shall make all rules and regulations pertaining to exhibits, displays, events, and activities as within the scope of the objectives and purposes for which the Fair Board was appointed.

  • Allan Higgins, President
  • T.W. Gilliland, Vice President
  • Lindsay Gaasch, Secretary
  • Tammy Hampton, Treasurer
  • Jessica Thurman, Member
  • Mary Bramwell, Member

The Montezuma County Fair board meets every 3rd Monday in the Commissioners Room – 109 West Main, beginning at 7:00 p.m. (All Interested Parties are Welcome to Attend)

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