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We operate a door-to-door call response transportation system within Montezuma County.  We also provide transportation to Dove Creek and Durango for medical appointments only.

We are under the auspice of Montezuma County but we are self-sufficient.  We run our program through grants and fees for service.  We started MoCo Public Transportation in 2002.


We receive funding from the Older American Act for Senior Citizens (age 60 and older).  With this grant, seniors may ride within Montezuma County on a voluntary donation base.  No Senior Citizen will be refused services due to the inability to pay.

We are a Medicaid provider for non-emergency medical transportation.  Call MoCo Transportation and to check to see if you are approved for non-emergency medical transportation.  If you are approved then there will not be a charge.

We are a Medicaid provider for the Home Community Based Services non-medical transportation.  If you are on HCBS through Montezuma County Department of Health contact your caseworker to check for eligibility.  There is no charge to the client.

We receive funding from a Colorado Service Block Grant, Montezuma County Department of Social Services, and the Colorado Department of Transportation. We receive a community support grant from the City of Cortez, Town of Mancos.  Our fees for services are also a large part of our funding.


Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm


  • Call the business day before 2:30
  • Between the hours of 8:00 am – 2:30 pm. Do not leave a message on the answering machine.
  • Do not schedule a ride with the driver.
  • The number to call is 970-564-2773
  • For a medical appointment in Dove Creek, Durango or Farmington, we MUST HAVE A 2 WEEK NOTICE when you get your appointment call to schedule a ride.


Fees are for a one-way trip.   If you need to go to other places then you will be charged for each extra stop.  When you call to schedule a ride, be sure to tell dispatch every stop you need to make. The last pick up time for Dolores, Mancos, and the Casino is 3:00 pm, the last pickup for Cortez is 3:30 pm. The first pickup is 7:00 am.

  • Within Cortez $3.00

    $3.00 Within Cortez City Limits

  • 2-5 Miles out of Cortez $4.00

    $4.00 For 2-5 Miles out of Cortez

  • 5-7 Miles out of Cortez $5.00

    $5.00 For 5-7 Miles out of Cortez

  • 7-12 Miles out of Cortez $6.00

    $6.00 For 7-12 Miles out of Cortez

  • Mancos to Cortez or Dolores $10.00

    $10.00 For Mancos to Cortez or Dolores

  • Medical Appoints: Round Trip to Dove Creek $50.00

    Medical Appoints Only: $50.00 Round Trip to Dove Creek

  • Medical Appoints: Round Trip to Durango $75.00

    Medical Appoints Only: $75.00 Round Trip to Durango. Medical Appoints Between 9:00 am and 1:30 PM ONLY

  • Medical Appoints: Round Trip to Farmington $100.00

    Medical Appoints Only. $100.00 Round Trip to Farmington. Medical Appoints Between 9:00 am and 1:30 PM ONLY

  • Prepaid Passes are Available

Information & Rules

  • Hours of Operation
    • Dispatch/Office Hours: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
    • Reservation Hours: 8:00 am-2:30 pm 
  • Contact Information
    • Mailing Address: 1700 N Dolores Rd Cortez, CO 81321
    • Phone (970) 564-2773
    • Fax (970) 565-0443
    • Jennifer Morris- Transit Manager
    • Alexandra Blackie – Dispatch
  • Reservations
    • Call (970) 564-2773 to make reservations between 8:00 am- 2:30 pm the day before your desired day you want to go. No reservations will be made for the next day if you call after 1:30 pm, no exceptions. Also, no same day pickups are allowed.
    • First pickups start at 7 am and last go homes are as follows:

Mancos/ Dolores/ Towaoc- 3pm        Cortez- 3:30pm

    • Errands & Shopping trip reservations are to be made the day before ONLY. All extra stops must be made when you make your reservation, we will not add on extra stops the same day you are to ride. Drivers may be up to 15 mins early and can only wait 5 mins past your pickup time. As many clients depend on us to get them to their appointments on time. Please be ready 15 mins before your pickup time and at your designated pickup place so drivers will be able to stay on schedule.
    • Medical trips can be made in advance, only exceptions are for Durango and Dove Creek.
    • Farmington, Durango & Dove Creek trips are ONLY for medical. You must call two weeks in advance and it is on a first come first serve basis. Appointment times must be between 9 am- 1:30 pm ONLY. Farmington is $100.00 round trip, Durango is a $75 round trip and Dove Creek is a $50 round trip. We do take Medicaid but you must call Alex at (970) 564- 2773 to see if your Medicaid will cover the cost.
    • When making reservations, please let the dispatch know if you are in need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
    • If you are just one way or decide you don’t need a ride back home, please call dispatch to let them know.
  • Payments
    • All ride fares are due when you board and drivers do not have change. Please have the exact amount. Prices are for ONE way and as followed:

$3.00- within Cortez                           $4.00- 2-5 miles out of Cortez

$5.00- 5-7 miles out of Cortez            $6.00- 7-12 miles out of Cortez

$10.00- For Mancos                              $2.00- each extra stop

    • Pre-paid passes are available. Call Alex at (970) 564-2773 to find out more information.
  • No Shows/ Cancellations
    • All clients are to call in if they have to cancel. Failure to do so will result in a no-show. Each client is allowed 3 no-shows. Three no-shows will result in an automatic 3-month suspension of transportation service. You have the right to appeal the suspension to the transportation advisory board. Cancellations must be made an hour prior to your pickup time, with no exceptions. If you have an early pickup time, please leave a message that you are canceling. No-shows will still be billed if you fail to call in and cancel.
  • Client Cards/ ID/ Income
    • As a client, we require some paperwork in order for us to keep our fare costs low. Each client is to fill out a client card the first time they ride and a new one is required each year you ride with us.
    • Governmental demands certain paperwork as well. We require a copy of your current year’s income and ID. It is also required each year you ride with us. For more information feel free to contact dispatch.
  • Comments/ Complaints
    • All comments or complaints can be called into the office. If dispatch does not resolve your issue, it will be sent to the Transit Manager Jennifer Morris.



Contact MoCo Public Transportation

Mailing: 1700 North Dolores Road, Cortez, CO 81321
Physical: 1680 North Dolores Road, Cortez, CO  81321

Phone: (970) 564-2773
Fax: (970) 565-0443
Office Hours\Dispatch: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Reservation Hours: 8:00 am-2:30 pm

Senior Services Director

Jennifer Morris


Alexandra Blackie
Contact Montezuma County Transit Manager
Contact Montezuma County Transit Dispatcher