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It is the duty of the assessor to make a fair and equitable assessment of all taxable property in the county. Our goal is to distribute the property tax burden as equally as possible according to the value of each taxpayer’s property and relative to the value of all other property within the county. Our office will continue to conduct an ongoing and thorough reappraisal program and regular field inspections of the property to achieve this goal.

All property, except that specifically exempted by law, is subject to taxation. It is the responsibility of the owner to see that it is listed with the assessor.

The assessor’s office will always provide courteous answers and helpful assistance to all questions and requests regarding the valuation of land, buildings, equipment, and fixtures. We encourage all taxpayers to become knowledgeable about their assessments and the property tax laws in Colorado.

Important notices regarding valuation and taxes due are sent by mail to property owners each year. It is the property owner’s responsibility to provide the assessor’s office with the correct mailing addresses for these notices.

The 2023 tax rates. 

Residential 6.7%
Multi-Family 6.7%
Agricultural 26.4%
Renewable Energy 26.4%
All other classifications 27.9%

Tax rates subject to change for 2024

Actual Value x Assessment Rate = Assessed Value
Allowable Revenues / Total Assessed Value = Mill Levy
Assessed Value x Mill Levy = Tax Amount Due

We welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have regarding the assessor’s office and your property assessment(s).


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