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Upcoming Programs
Native Plant Master Course for 2024 – details coming soon!

Participants in Native Plant Master courses learn identification, ecology and human uses of selected Colorado plants emphasizing sustainable landscaping and invasive weeds.

Watch this short video explaining the Native Plant Master Program!

YouTube Video: Explaining Native Plant Master Program CSU Extension Native Plant Master Course (

Natural resources are fundamental in the day to day lives of individuals. Montezuma County Extension provides research and education in the various areas of natural resources in our community.



Wildlife Issues
Our office can help provide information on the prevention and control of wildlife damage and conflicts. Animals often at issue include prairie dogs, gophers, voles, skunks, woodpeckers, biting and stinging critters, snakes, mice, squirrels, deer, elk, rabbits, birds, and bats. A great resource is the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage. Make sure to follow all local regulations relating to wildlife control. For immediate assistance contact the City of Cortez Animal Control at (970) 565-8441 or visit their website at

Plant and Insect Identification Services
We provide identification of major plant pests (insects, diseases, and weeds) along with management strategies at our office. We also provide general identification of household (and other) insects, and native and non-native plants.

The Noxious Weed Department is conveniently located within our same complex. For more information on the Montezuma Noxious Weed Department and the cost-share programs, they have available, visit call (970) 565-0580. Wildfire preparedness

Emergency Preparedness
We provide recommendations for emergency preparedness and specifically wildlife preparedness. Depending on the type of property you are concerned with protecting we have great local resources including:

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