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Montezuma County Public Health Department’s Prevention Services encompass provisions and practices intended to help prevent serious injury and disease.

Colorado-National Collaborative

The Colorado-National Collaborative (CNC) focuses on suicide prevention efforts in Montezuma County by helping to build a sustainable coalition which implements the CNC suicide prevention model. In Montezuma County, our suicide prevention coalition is called SAFE (Suicide Awareness for Everyone) and its website can be found here:


The goal of Montezuma County’s immunization program is to reduce the risk of vaccine-preventable diseases. A variety of immunizations are available for children and adults. Please call our office for the cost and availability of immunizations.

Bike Helmets

Age-appropriate bike helmets are provided to local children at a reduced cost.


This program is dedicated to keeping children safe in a vehicle. Trained, certified car seat technicians will properly fit a child to an age- and weight-appropriate car seat, and instruct parents on the proper use and installation of a car seat. Last year, over 200 age- and size-appropriate car seats were given to families at a reduced cost.


Communities That Care (CTC) is an evidence-based prevention model that promotes healthy youth development, improves youth outcomes, and reduces behavioral problems.

Critical Elements of CTC:

  • Uses a public health approach to prevent youth behavioral problems
  • Community Owned and Operated
    • Run by a coalition of community stakeholder from all sectors
  • Data-Driven
    • The community makes decisions using the community’s own data
  • Evidence-Based
    • Adoption of effective programs
  • Outcome Focused
    • Reductions in community levels of adolescent risk-taking behaviors; improvements in child and youth well-being.
  • It works
    • Communities that have implemented CTC have seen a 33% reduction in tobacco use, a 32% reduction in alcohol use, and a 25% reduction in delinquent behavior.

Foundations of CTC:

  • Prevention Science
  • Risk and Protective Factors
  • Social Development Strategy
  • Tested and Effective Programs/Policies

To learn about the opportunities to get involved, contact CTC Coordinator.

Visit the Communities That Care website to learn more.


Communicable diseases are those that can be spread to others through some foods, air, touch or contact with contaminated body fluids. The CD team works to control and contain the spread of disease, monitors disease trends and provides prevention and treatment education.

Community Health Assessment and Planning

The Public Health Planner coordinates the Community Health Assessment and Public Health Improvement Plan process which are required by state statute every five years. This health planner assists with developing, implementing, and evaluating all public health programs to support the overarching goal of meeting the changing health needs of Montezuma County.


We provide quality dental services for eligible adults and children in Montezuma County. Smile Makers is a Medicaid and CHP+ clinic for children and adults.

Our registered dental hygienist provides routine preventative care including x-rays, screening, cleaning, fluoride varnish, sealants on permanent molars, and oral health education. Our staff dentist offers routine and basic dental care, including fillings, crowns, and extractions.

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