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Family and Consumer Sciences:

When families are successful communities are successful. Montezuma County Extension is working to grow it’s FCS programs. One of the services currently provided through the office is a pressure canner gauge testing.

Programs currently provided are food safely, preserver, and cottage foods trainings. We are working to create more research-based educational programs and products to help families in the community to make more informed decisions for better health, financial security, and well-being.

Pressure Canner Gauge Testing
When using a pressure canner, it is very important that the gauge is reading accurately to ensure food safety. It is recommended that lids be tested annually. We can test Presto lids only free of charge. You can call the Extension Office at 970-565-3123 to set up a time to bring in your lid with the dial gauge for testing free of charge.


ServSafe Certification Exam Our office is available to proctor ServSafe® exams. ServSafe® is a nationally recognized comprehensive food safety training developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. Food service managers and cottage foods producers need the highest level of food safety training and certification. Participants who score 75% or higher will receive a ServSafe® certificate valid for five years. On the day of the exam, examinees will need a photo ID and an order access code. Pass-fail results will be available immediately; official scores will be available within one business day. Examinees will have two hours to complete the exam (unless accommodation has been submitted for approval). For more information visit To schedule an exam, call our office at (970)565-3123.



Food Safety

Cottage Foods
More and more people are looking to make some extra money by selling their own food products to the public. In 2012, Colorado enacted the Cottage Foods Act (Act) and thus created the value added approach for producers to sell specific types of food products directly to consumers without licensing or inspections. This small business opportunity can allow significant growth for a producer. Many producers can earn an extra $10,000 by participating. To ensure a safe product, the producer must be certified at least every three years by attending an identified Cottage Food Safety Training or participate in Serv-Safe for Food Managers. Many vendors at the Cortez Farmers’ Market have the training certification to sell for additional income. It offers protection from liability, helps ensure public safety, and assures buyers that food is properly processed. It is highly encouraged for those selling produce to receive certification through food safety training such as Cottage Food Safety or Serv-Safe training opportunities.

The purpose of Food Safety Manager Training is to prepare managers to implement proven food safety practices and systems, maintain a safe and hygienic foodservice operation, and oversee the training and daily practices of hourly food workers to prevent the spread of foodborne illness. This program will also prepare certification candidates to sit for any of the nationally-accredited Certified Food Protection Manager Exams.

Food Safety Works
Food Safety Works is a safe food handler certificate training that teaches entry-level food workers how to safely handle, prepare and store food. Taught as a class with hands-on activities and exam. Participants with a passing score receive a safe food handler certificate valid for 2 years.
Benefits for Food Service Workers:
• Increase in confidence and motivation to handle food safely.
• Improve knowledge and awareness of ways to prevent foodborne illness.
• Valued by employers.
• Great incentives towards job promotions.



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