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How to Join

If you are interested in joining 4-H for the first time, please contact the Extension Office to set up an appointment. If you took a break from 4-H and want to join again, please look below to learn how to join.  

4-H enrollment is open for the 2023-2024 4-H year!

Deadline: Re-enrollment ends Dec. 31, 2023

Enrollment for new members is open all year, but project, fair or other deadlines still apply so early enrollment is recommended.

Membership in 4-H is centered around membership in individual clubs—there are also many county-wide, state-wide, and nation-wide events and activities. 4-H is open to anyone who is at least eight years old and no older than eighteen on January 1st. However, there is a special Clover 4-H program for children who are five to seven years old on January 1st. 

Step 1—Investigate
Make sure to take a look at our list of 4-H clubs in Montezuma County. Scroll down to view information on individual clubs.

Step 2—Contact Us
Contact the club leader of the club you are interested in. They will tell you if they are accepting new members and when their next meeting is scheduled.

If you are a first year family who would like to join 4-H, have any questions about the 4-H program, or are not sure what club you would like to join, please call or email Tierney Wilson ( 970-564-4155) at the county 4-H/Extension Office, who can answer your questions and put you in touch with any club leader you may wish to contact. You can also visit the Montezuma County 4-H/Extension Office (103 N Chestnut St., Cortez, CO 81321) in person and speak with us. 

Step 3—Attend a Club Meeting
A club leader may ask you to attend a club meeting before joining. This is your chance to get a feel for the club.

Step 4 – Pick a Project
This may be the most exciting part of the process! Please look over our project list and if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for or would like to create a project of your own, contact the 4-H/Extension office by email or phone 970-564-4155 at the county 4-H/Extension Office and she will help you find or create the right fit for you. 

We recommend that first year families only pick one project per member. 

Step 5—Enroll – Once you know which club you would like to join and what projects you are doing, you can go ahead and enroll yourself online using the 4-H Online enrollment system—download the 4-H Online instructions hereParents should not enroll themselves in the system unless they’re also 4-H volunteers. You will receive a conformation email if you don’t receive the conformation email your enrolment is not complete. Please call the office if this happens so we can help you finish your enrollment

4-H Fee: $25 

Additional 4-H Fees: 

Cloverbud Fee: 

Late Fee: 

After you enroll, you will receive an invoice from our office. We can only accept cash or checks and you can mail payment or bring it to:
Montezuma County 4-H, 103 N. Chestnut St., Cortez, CO 81321

We have 6 different home clubs in Montezuma County. You will need to pick a “home” club. This home club will be where you get information about what is going on in 4-H and voting upon different items. You will need to attend 75% of your home club meetings in order to participate at the County Fair. Make sure your pick a club that fits your schedule and location. 

Contact CSU Extensions

Contact the County Director and Agriculture Extension Agent

Contact the 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent
Contact the Extension Administrative Assistant