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Montezuma County Broadband Initative

High-Speed Broadband is critical for Montezuma County.  It is with that goal in mind that we have formed an alliance with the five counties of our region (Region 9) which consists of; Montezuma, Dolores, LaPlata, Archuleta and San Juan.  As a region, we have been focused on securing grant funding to help us jump start this project and start building towards a better tomorrow.  Everything we do is dependent on High-Speed Broadband; therefore, it is crucial we start leading rather than trying to play catch up to the urban communities.  We have found that working together as a region gives us strength in numbers, thereby helping us bridge the gap found between urban and rural communities.

In order to best understand our needs and where to put the initial focus in building out Fiber, we need your help to accurately map internet availability and speed based on your household’s real experience, not just by what internet service providers represent they provide. Accurate mapping is critical to assure that Colorado receives every federal funding dollar available to it to make broadband available and accessible to all Coloradans.

To do this please click here to take a speed test that will be used to put into the Regional broadband map, allowing us the ability to determine where the focus needs to be, or scan the QR Tag if you have no internet to take a quick survey.

To test your internet speed, use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on a computer that is connected to your home Wi-Fi or network.

Advance Colorado Broadband (Advance) is the Colorado Broadband Office’s (CBO) grant program to deploy money from federal broadband programs. Over the next five years, Colorado will receive between $500 million – $1 billion for broadband infrastructure projects essential to bringing access to fast, reliable and affordable high-speed internet to all Coloradans. Advance will begin accepting grant funding applications in early 2023 from privatepublic partnerships, driven by communities that have identified areas where Coloradans are unserved or underserved with reliable broadband service.

Encourage your friends and neighbors to get involved in assuring that all Coloradans have the technology and understanding to participate in today’s digital society. For more information about progress and ways to get involved, please visit: Digital Inclusion.