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Public Health Department Minutes January 2, 2024

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Attendees: Director of Public Health- Bobbi Lock; Assistant Director-Laurel Schafer; County Administrator- Travis Anderson; County Attorney Ian MacLaren; Medical Director- Dr. Amanda Mullen; Environmental Health Specialist- Linda Hill.

Board of Health (BOH):  Jim Candelaria, Kent Lindsay and Gerald Koppenhafer.

I. Call to order and introductions: (1:30)

Bobbi Lock called to order the regular meeting of the Montezuma County Public Health Board of Health Meeting at 1:30 on 10/03/2023 at Montezuma County BOCC Room. 

II. Approval of minutes from last meeting and Introductions.

Minutes were approved and introductions were completed.

III. MCPHD Updates:

Current staffing update was provided. The BOH was updated on the current situation regarding communicable Diseases and respiratory viruses in the community. Flu, RSV and COVID. The BOH was also given an update on the harm reduction programs of providing Narcan throughout the community. 

IV. Secure Transportation:

Newly learned guidelines were shared about licensing providers.  It was decided that Montezuma County would not allow reciprocity with neighboring counties at this point.  All providers would need to be registered with MCPHD at this time. 


Updated the BOH on the 2024 contracts with Cortez Fire Protection District and Axis Health Systems. Discussion about how we plan to measure the outcomes of those who utilize the CIP program were had and will be ongoing.  MCPHD will work with the contractors over the next year to provide this information.


Provided the BOH with an update on the WIC changes that were proposed at the State level WIC team.  The State WIC team has pulled back on some of the proposed guidelines and is working with counties to create changes.  This will happen over the next 2 years.  More to come as information is provided. MCPHD will now be able to replace the vacant WIC Educator position.

VII. Retail Food:

Introduction of the new Environmental Health Specialist, Linda Hill.  Discussion about recent violation letter that was served to an individual who was operating illegally. 

VIII. Suggestions for the next BOH meeting:

Texas Long Tick and Mold Education.

Next Meeting: 4/2/2024  1:30-3:30

Bobbi Lock adjourned the meeting at 2:34

Minutes submitted by:  Laurel Schafer      

Minutes approved by:  Bobbi Lock

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