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Public Health Department Minutes April 2, 2024

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 2nd 2024

Attendees: Director of Public Health- Bobbi Lock; Assistant Director-Laurel Schafer; County Administrator- Travis Anderson; County Attorney Ian MacLaren, Dr. Amanda Mullen and Haley Leonard Saunders of Axis Health Systems.

Board of Health (BOH):  Jim Candelaria, Kent Lindsay and Gerald Koppenhafer.

  1. Call to order and introductions: (1:30)

Bobbi Lock called to order the regular meeting of the Montezuma County Public Health Board of Health Meeting at 1:30 on 04/02/2023 at Montezuma County BOCC Room. 

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting and Introductions.

Minutes were approved and introductions were completed.

  • Communicable Disease Update:

Public Health continues to work with the State on COVID 19 protocols and we will transition to absorbing COVID 19 into our regular communicable disease program after April 2024.  Recently we have had 4 giardia cases, 1 salmonella and 20 animal bites so far in 2024.  Measles is on the rise in the United States with the closest case being in Arizona.


  1. Program updates:

Onsite Wastewater Program would like to look into the programs current fees related to the septic system costs vs fees.  The program will be presenting in October 2024 after looking into the numbers. 

CNC program has implemented bereavement boxes for those in the community who have lost someone to suicide. They have also implemented care bags for the houseless population.  Each contain items that correspond with each subject and includes local resources for support.

WIC program is going through changes at the state level. We will have to shift around some responsibilities to meet the program requirements. Update to come.

  1. Community Intervention Program (CIP):

The BOH was given a financial update on the program.  Issues with the Federal reimbursement platforms have been the delay and public health continues to work through those. All contractors have been paid and the department will be paid once these issues are worked out.

BOH was notified that public health is still waiting on the signed contract for Cortez Fire Protection District (CFPD) who provides the EMS staff. A decision was made that we will give CFPD until April 15th , 2024 to sign or we will have to pull the contract.

Public Health shared their concerns with the lack of data that shows long-term outcomes of those served by the CIP program. Seeking funding for a case manger was discussed and the team will seek funding for this.  The team feels this would give more data on the long-term effectiveness of the program.

  1. Suggestions for next BOH meeting: None


Bobbi Lock adjourned the meeting at 3:30

Minutes submitted by:  Laurel Schafer      

Minutes approved by:  Bobbi Lock

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