Montezuma County Sheriff's Office

Civil Fees

Certificate of Levy$75.00 ASAP
Certificate of Purchase$35.00 10 days
Certificate of Redemption$35.00 ASAP
Child Support$35.00 10 days
Citation - Contempt$35.00 20 days
Citation - Other$35.00 48 hrs
Deed (Sheriffs)$40.00 ASAP
Demand for Payment$35.00 ASAP
Demand for Possession$35.00 ASAP
Emergency Protection Order$0.00 ASAP
Interrogatories$35.00 ASAP
Judgment and Decree$35.00 ASAP
Motion$35.00 10 days
Notice and Summons to Appear$35.00 15 days
Notice of Action$35.00 10 days
Notice of Hearing$35.00 5 days
Notice of Levy$75.00 ASAP
Notice of Sheriff's Sale$35.00 ASAP
Notice to Quit$35.00 ASAP
Notice to Vacate$35.00 ASAP
Notice - Other$35.00 5 days
Order to Show Cause (contempt)$35.00 5 days
Order to Show Cause (other)$35.00 5 days
Order - Other$35.00 5 days
Release of Levy / Attachment$35.00 ASAP
Restraining Order - Civil$35.00 Within 24 hrs
Restraining Order - Domestic$0.00 Within 24 hrs
Sheriff's Sale$35.00 ASAP
Subpoena - Civil$60.00 48 hrs
Subpoena - Criminal$7.50 48 hrs

Summons and Complaint

– Civil$35.00 10 days
– Criminal$15.00 48 hrs
– Delinquency (Juvenile)$35.00 2 days
– Dependency & Neglect$15.00 5 days
– Dissolution of Marriage$35.00 ASAP
– Unlawful Detainer (FED)$35.00 5 days
Writ of Attachment – Service$75.00 ASAP
Writ of Attachment – Execution$75.00 Within 20 days of receipt.
Writ of Continuing Garnishment$20.00 ASAP
Writ of Execution$60.00 ASAP
Writ of Garnishment/Child Support$20.00 ASAP
Writ of Garn. – Notice Exempt/Levy$20.00 ASAP
Writ of Habeas Corpus$35.00 ASAP
Writ of Replevin – Service$75.00 ASAP
Writ of Replevin – Execution$75.00 ASAP
Writ of Restitution – Service$130.00 ASAP

Contact Montezuma County Sheriffs Civil Division

Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office Office
730 East Driscoll Street,
Cortez, CO 81321

Phone: (970) 564-4987
FAX: (970) 565-3731

Civil Administrative Assistant

Shea Coulon
FAX: (970) 565-3731

Civil Deputy

Ken Geiger

FAX: (970) 565-3731
Contact Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office Civil Administrative Assistant
Contact Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office Civil Processor
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