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The Story of the Sheriff’s Saddle

The Story of the Sheriff’s Saddle

This is a Sheriff’s Saddle. It’s a plain saddle, not covered in fancy silver Conchos or a lot of tooling. This is a practical, tough working saddle. The saddle sits empty of a rider, representing that the Office of Sheriff will have many occupants over time. You will notice that the stirrups on this saddle are adjustable, representing its need for adaptability to the persons who will occupy the saddle over time.

Attached along the right side is a scabbard and rifle, representing the dangers that a Sheriff will face while in office. He must be prepared to bravely face those dangers.

Attached to the back of the saddle are leather saddlebags. In the right saddlebag, you will find an ammunition pouch. That pouch carries an extra box of ammunition for the Sheriff’s rifle. This represents the dedication and endurance a Sheriff must demonstrate as he must prepare for a long, tough fight.

Also in the right saddlebag is a Bible. The Bible represents the Sheriff’s commitment to a cause greater than himself. It represents honor, integrity, and eternal truths.

In the left saddlebag, protected in a leather pouch, are copies of the United States and the Colorado Constitutions. The Sheriff must keep his solemn word
to uphold and defend both of these sacred documents.

Sitting next to the saddle is the Sheriff’s hat. Throughout his work, the Sheriff must protect his vision. He must be able to see his way clearly, and his hat protects him from the sun, the wind, and the rain.

Hanging off the saddle horn is a bridle and a set of spurs. The bridle and reins represent the Sheriff’s responsibility for directing his agency. The Sheriff also uses the spurs to signal the need to move forward or to pick up the pace, and a touch of the reins slows things down. Over time, a wise and practiced Sheriff learns to give subtle cues by simply shifting his weight in the saddle and finds that he only needs a light touch of the reins and spurs.

The Sheriff also carries a supply of hardtack in his saddlebags and a canteen of water slung across the saddle horn. The Sheriff needs these things to maintain his strength. In these saddlebags, there are 17 pieces of hardtack representing the original 17 counties, and in the canteen are 64 ounces of water representing the 64 counties of our great state.

Tied behind the saddle is a bedroll. The bedroll represents the many long and cold nights that the Sheriff will spend away from his home.

In addition to the bedroll, there is a duster draped across the back of his saddle. Throughout his journey, the Sheriff will encounter many storms. He must be prepared to weather the storms and will do so under the protection of his duster.

This is the Colorado Sheriff and all that he stands for!

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