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Criteria for Red Road into MC Green Road Designation

The following criteria is used in the consideration for acceptance of a Red Road into Montezuma County Green Road designation.

  1. Proposed road could provide access to Public Lands.
  2. Proposed road could provide access from one Montezuma County Green Road to another Montezuma County Green Road.
  3. Proposed road is required to be built to Montezuma County Road Standards. These standards can be found on the website, under the Road and Bridge page.
  4. As per Board Of County Commissioners meeting 9-27-93, a Public Hearing is required to add or delete roads on to the Official County Road Maps.
  5. Proposed road must be approved by the Montezuma County Road and Bridge Superintendent.


If three or more of the above requirements are met, a road variance application can then be presented to the Montezuma County Board of Commissioners for a vote of approval.

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