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BOCC Minutes April 23 2024



April 23, 2024





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At a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners, Montezuma County, Colorado, held on Tuesday April 23, 2024 at the Montezuma County Administration building in Cortez, Colorado, there were present:




Jim Candelaria, Chairman

Kent Lindsay, Vice Chairman

Gerald Koppenhafer, Commissioner of Deeds

Travis Anderson, County Administrator

Ian MacLaren, County Attorney

Kim Percell, County Clerk




CHAIRMAN CANDELARIA opened the meeting of April 23, 2024 with the Pledge of Allegiance


MINUTES: Commissioner Koppenhafer moved to approve the Proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners of Montezuma County, for Tuesday, April 16, 2024 as presented.  Motion was seconded by Commissioner Lindsay and carried.


PUBLIC HEARING: It being the time set aside a public hearing is held for a Petition to the Board of County Commissioners, for review and determination of a proposed High Impact Permit Application submitted by Leaf Properties, Inc., on property located at 27078 Road N, Dolores, CO consisting of 3.78 acres, more or less, located south of Road N, east of Hwy 145, situated in Section 7, Township 36N, Range 15W, N.M.P.M.  The roll was called, the public notice read, and the proceedings were recorded for the record.  Douglas Kinsey along with Attorney Andrew Peters were present.  Planning Director, Don Haley along with Assistant, S. Jane Duncan presented the details of the application and the findings of the Planning and Zoning Commission.  Mr. Kinsey, along with Attorney Peters and Traffic Engineer, Jeff Planck addressed the concerns of the project.  Commissioner Candelaria opened the hearing to public comment.  Public comments were made by: Pete Montano, Karelia Ver Eecke, Lori Ward, Laura Bauer, Clasandra Story, Emiko South, Melony McDonnel, Jean Becker, John Rutledge, Wendy Watkins, Jessie Farias, Susan Kidd, Carolyn Landis, Ken Porter, Steven Moore, Cathy Lillie, Ron Kotarski, Theresa Hohbein, Lenetta Shull, Paul Koops, Odis Sikes and Leah Burkett.  Hearing no further public comment that portion of the hearing was closed.  After receiving additional documents for review, Commissioner Lindsay moved to continue the hearing to April 30, 2024 at 9:00 a.m.  Second by Commissioner Koppenhafer and carried.  (See attached)


PUBLIC COMMENT: Public comment was made by Mike Lynch.


BOARD OF SOCIAL SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT: It being the time set aside, the Board of Social Services was conducted.  Director, Kelli Hargraves and Finance Officer, Lori Higgins were present.  (See attached)



LETTER OF SUPPORT: A proposed letter of support, for the Four Corners Rifle & Pistol Club was postponed to a future meeting.  (See attached) 


REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: During the Monday Workshop Landfill Manager, Mel Jarmon presented the Cell 5 Requests for Proposals.  Commissioner Lindsay moved to award the contract for the Cell opening at the County Landfill to Con-Sy Inc., 719 Arrow West Road, Grand Junction, in the amount of $867,733.13.  Second by Commissioner Koppenhafer and carried.  (See attached)



The Public Health Department, Colorado National Collaborative (CNC) Grant.  Commissioner Koppenhafer moved to approve the Montezuma County Grant application submission form, in the amount of $113,000.00, for the Public Health Department, Suicide Prevention Program Colorado National Collaborative.  Second by Commissioner Lindsay and carried.   (See attached)

The Emergency Preparedness and Response / Public Health Emergency Preparedness Grant.  Commissioner Koppenhafer moved to approve the Montezuma County Grant application submission form for the Health Department, for the Public Health Emergency Preparedness, a reimbursement of $53,489.00.  Second by Commissioner Lindsay and carried. (See attached)


CONTRACT: During the Monday Workshop, the Sheriff’s Office 2024 Forest Service Contract was presented for approval. Commissioner Lindsay moved to accept the Modification of Grant or Agreement between the Forest Service and Montezuma County, in the amount of $16,000.00.  Second by Commissioner Koppenhafer and carried.  (See attached)


DISCUSSION: A discussion was held, related to the high-mileage fleet vehicle reductions at the Sheriff’s Office.  Commissioner Lindsay moved to make the fleet reduction, without replacement of the vehicles highlighted and completed within a 30 day time frame.  Second by Commissioner Candelaria and with two votes in favor by Commissioners Lindsay and Candelaria and one vote against from Commissioner Koppenhafer the motion carried. (See attached)


RESOLUTION: A discussion related to the proposed resolution for the Public Safety Sales Tax Proposal (PSST) was held.  The Commissioners were in agreement to postpone the discussion until next week to include an updated estimation of tax generated funds.  (See attached)  


EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Commissioners were in agreement that the scheduled Executive Session to discuss the proposed CIP contracts was not necessary.  


CONTRACT: During the Monday Workshop, the CIP contract between Montezuma County and AXIS along with the CIP contract between Montezuma County and the Cortez Fire Protection District were presented for approval.  Attorney MacLaren suggested that the contracts should mirror each other as related to the termination clause.  The Commissioners were in agreement to direct Attorney MacLaren to work with the entities on the contracts for a more flexible termination clause.  


COUNTY ATTORNEY REPORT: County Attorney, Ian MacLaren gave an update on the Ironwood case and the Fair Board complaint.


ADMINISTRATOR REPORT: County Administrator, Travis Anderson reported on discussions held related to HB-21-1110 and a meeting held with Assessor Bugg related to the Residential Assessment Rate.


PAYABLE EXPENDITURE REPORT: Administrator Anderson presented for approval, the April 2024 Accounts Payable Expenditure Reports in the amount of $3,519,840.55.  Commissioner Koppenhafer moved to accept the payables for March, 2024, for Montezuma County, in the amount of $3,519,840.55.  Second by Commissioner Lindsay and carried.   (See attached)


COUNTY COMMISSIONER REPORT: Topics within the Commissioners reports included:

Commissioner Lindsay discussed the attended Energy and Environment Symposium, the attended Gun Show, the Yellow Jacket Auction, constituent calls and emails and congratulated Commissioner Koppenhafer on his 50 year wedding anniversary.  

Commissioner Koppenhafer discussed the attended Gun Show, constituent calls and emails. 

Commissioner Candelaria: discussed the attended Department of Fire Prevention Control meeting and the Town of Dolores Board meeting.


MOTION TO ADJOURN: Commissioner Lindsay moved to adjourn, seconded by Commissioner Koppenhafer and carried.


CORRESPONDENCE: The following correspondence was read and noted: 





_____________________________                           ____________________________

Clerk                     April 23, 2024                               Chairman

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