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Resolution No. 5-2023 MONTEZUMA COUNTY WEED PLAN (amended)


WHEREAS, under C.R.S. 35-5.5, et. Seq, “Colorado Noxious Weed Act”, the Board of County Commissioners of each county shall adopt an undesirable plant management plan for all the unincorporated lands within the county; and

WHEREAS, this plan represents a coordinated effort of the Montezuma County Noxious Weed Department and the Montezuma County Weed Advisory Board, after deliberation and study, recommends the adoption of the weed plan as presented, and to be known and referred to as the MONTEZUMA COUNTY WEED PLAN; and,

WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Montezuma County, Colorado, wish to comply fully and fairly with all provisions of the Colorado Noxious Weed Management Act as adopted wherein it finds that noxious weeds have become a threat to the natural resources of Colorado and that an organized and coordinated effort must be made to stop the spread of noxious weeds.

WHEREAS, this plan is designed in accordance with the statutory provisions of the Colorado Noxious Weed Act. The provisions of this plan do not interpret, apply, or incorporate any provisions of the Colorado Pest Control District Act, codified at C.R.S. § 35-5-101, et seq.

WHEREAS, it is recognized that ownership of private property assumes management and stewardship responsibility of the land. This management is with the intent of maintaining and protecting property values of property owners and their adjacent properties.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Montezuma County, Colorado: THAT Montezuma County Resolution #4-93, the Montezuma County Comprehensive Weed Management Plan, be revised WHEREBY adopting all amendments herein, the Montezuma County Weed Plan, becomes effective immediately and shall be enforced throughout the unincorporated areas of Montezuma County.

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Gerald Koppenhafer (District 3)
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