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YouTube: Montezuma County BOCC Meeting June 1, 2021

Board of County Commissioners       

County Commissioners:                                                                                                109 West Main, Room 260

Jim Candelaria                                                                                                                                            Cortez, CO 81321

Kent Lindsay                                                                                                                                        (970) 565-8317

Joel Stevenson                                                                                                                                         (970) 565-3420 Fax

County Administrator:

Shak Powers


DATE:                    June1 ,2021




9:00 A.M.            Minutes


                                Public CommentSession


The Board ofMontezuma County Commissioners welcomes you to this meeting.  Person speaking during Public Comment will belimited to three minutes, or depending on the number of people wishing tospeak, it may be reduced to allow all members of the public the opportunity toaddress the board.  When addressing theBoard, please state your name and address for the record prior to providingyour comments.  Comments to individualSupervisors or staff are not permitted. Participants may not yield their time to others.


9:10a.m.      Emergency Manager – Jim Spratlen – DroughtDiscussion and Declaration


9:30A.M.     Notice is hereby given that the Montezuma County Board of CountyCommissioners will hold a Public Hearing for review and determination regardinga Local Improvement District for the Mesa Sky Estates Subdivision, submitted byKeenen Lovett; agent: The hearing will be held Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 9:30am,Commissioner’s Hearing Room, Montezuma County Administrative Offices, 109 W.Main, Cortez, CO.  Interested persons may attend and give input; you mayalso contact the Chairman of the Board at (970) 749-3841 with questions. 


                                Public Works

                                                Road and Bridge – Rob Englehart

                                                Noxious Weeds – Bonnie Loving

                                                Landfill – Mel Jarmon

                                                Fairgrounds – Justin McGuire


                                Unfinished Business

                                                Homefor County Intervention Program

                                                BLMGravel request for parking lot at west end of CR N

                                                Follow-upon Rock Yard Clean-Up


*County AttorneyReport – John Baxter

*NaturalResources, Planning and Public Lands Report – James Dietrich

*CountyCommissioners Report


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Jim Candelaria (District 1)
Phone: (970) 749-3841
Vice Chairman
Kent Lindsay (District 2)
Phone: (970) 560-1471
Commissioner of Deeds
Gerald Koppenhafer (District 3)
Phone: 970-749-0262
Contact Montezuma County Vice-Chairman, Jim Candelaria  (District 1)
Contact Montezuma County Commissioner Kent Lindsay (District 2)
Contact Montezuma County Commissioner Gerald Koppenhafer (District 3)