Resolution 12-2021: Approving Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Region 9


Approving Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Region 9

WHEREAS, in 1995, the Region 9 Economic Development District of Southwest Colorado launched southwest Colorado’s initial Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (“CEDS”) process by offering county-level data, a strategic planning component with visions, goals, and specific strategies for reaching those goals, and identified community projects; and,

WHEREAS, the full CEDS is updated every five years; and;

WHEREAS, the CEDS includes Community Development Action Plans (“CDAPs”), which are the lists of identified projects and which are updated on a two-year cycle; and,

WHEREAS, CDAPs are useful tools for organizations working within Montezuma County and can be one central source for understanding the full range of projects that are in process or are desired; and,

WHEREAS, the CDAP is required for many state and federal funding sources; and,

WHEREAS, the CDAP serves as a tool for Montezuma County by outlining and ranking projects according to specified categories including but not limited to: Public infrastructure, Public Lands, Land Use, Transportation, Telecommunications, Education, Arts & Culture, Economic Development, Parks & Recreation, Tourism, and Housing; and,

WHEREAS, projects are reviewed by community groups, governments, citizens and stakeholders and then confirmed or revised by the Board of County Commissioners NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Board of County Commissioners of Montezuma County, Colorado hereby adopts the Montezuma County 2021 Community Development Action Plan (CDAP) attached hereto as Exhibit A.

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