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BOCC Minutes December 29, 2020




December 29, 2020



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At a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners, Montezuma County, Colorado, held on Tuesday December 29, 2020 at the Montezuma County Administration building in Cortez, Colorado, there were present:

Larry Don Suckla, Chairman,

Jim Candelaria, Vice Chairman

Keenan Ertel, Commissioner of Deeds

Shalako Powers, County Administrator

John C. Baxter, County Attorney

Kim Percell, County Clerk

CHAIRMAN, SUCKLA opened the meeting of December 29, 2020 with the Pledge of Allegiance.

MINUTES: Commissioner Candelaria moved to accept the minutes of the Proceedings of the Board of Commissioners Montezuma County, Colorado dated December 22, 2020 as presented.  Motion was seconded by Commissioner Ertel and carried.


RESOLUTION: Administrator, Shalako Powers presented Resolution #26-2020. A Resolution Adopting a Budget for Montezuma County, Colorado for the Calendar Year Beginning on the first day of January 2021 and ending on the last day of December 2021. Commissioner Candelaria moved to accept Resolution #26-2020, a resolution adopting a budget for Montezuma County, Colorado for the calendar year beginning on the first day of January 2021 and ending on the last day of December 2021.  Second by Commissioner Ertel and carried.  (See attached)

RESOLUTION: Administrator Powers presented Resolution #27-2020.  A Resolution to Appropriate Sums of Money for 2021.  Commissioner Ertel moved to approve Resolution #27-2020, appropriation of sums of money for the calendar year 2021,  General Fund $13,717,284,  Road and Bridge $9,318,080, Social Services $21,254,615, Public Health $2,362,710, Landfill Enterprise Fund $1,558,516, Capital Fund $2,181,028, (LEA) Law Enforcement Authority $811,244, Conservation Trust Fund $89,522,  Emergency Telephone Services $424,460, Clara Ormiston $0, Lodger’s Tax Fund $70,000, Sheriff’s Forfeiture Fund $0, TABOR Emergency Reserve $0, Contingent Fund $0, Revolving Loan Fund $0, for a grand total of the budget $51,787,659.   Second by Commissioner Candelaria and carried.  (See attached)

ORDER: Administrator Powers presented a Transfer Order #12-2020. A transfer of $26,523.00 from Capital (004) to Road and Bridge (002) to correct an incorrectly coded invoice for the new maintenance vehicle. (Invoice attached)  Commissioner Ertel moved to approve Order #12-2020, a transfer of $26,523.00 from Capital Fund (004) to the Road and Bridge Fund (002).  Second by Commissioner Candelaria and carried.  (See attached)

PLANNING & ZONING COMMISSION APPOINTMENT: Administrator Powers presented a letter of intent, from alternate Zachary Fahrion, to become a permanent board member to the Planning & Zoning Commission.  Commissioner Candelaria moved to appoint, Zach Fahrion to the permanent Commissioner position for the Montezuma County Planning & Zoning Board, for a three year term.  Second by Commissioner Ertel and carried.  (See attached)

LETTER OF APPRECIATION: Administrator Powers presented plaques and a letter of appreciation, to Commissioners Suckla and Ertel for their eight years of service and dedication to the County.  (See attached)

PUBLIC COMMENT: No public comment was made.

BOARD OF SOCIAL SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT: It being the time set aside, the Board of Social Services was conducted.  Director, Gina Montoya and Finance Officer, Lori Higgins were present. (See attached)


VETERANS SERVICE: Veteran Service Officer, Rick Torres met with the Commissioners to give a monthly report. Officer Torres presented the Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, County Veterans Service Officers Monthly Report and Certification of Pay for November 2020.  Other topics discussed included; an update on the monthly expenditures, statistical data, the indirect income to Montezuma County and the accreditations through the Colorado Division of Affairs and the National Association of County Veterans Services, for Officer, Torres and Officer, Sarah Jane Kuhn.  (See attached).


SENIOR SERVICES: Jonathon G. Parker met with the Commissioners to give a monthly report on the Senior Services programs.  A discussion was held regarding the Kitchen Remodel project.   


CSU EXTENSION OFFICE: Extension Director, Gregory Felsen, was not available to give a report.

COUNTY ATTORNEY REPORT: County Attorney, John Baxter, gave an update on the Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company lawsuit.  A discussion was held on the history of the suit.


NATURAL RESOURCES, PLANNING & PUBLIC LANDS: Resource Director, James Dietrich, presented for approval, letters addressed to Connie Clementson, Tres Rios Field Manager and to Derek Padilla, District Ranger for the Dolores Ranger District, regarding the approved County Resolution #24-2020.  Resolution #24-2020 amends Resolution #8-2018 and adopts the map entitled; Exhibit-1 Montezuma County Rights of Ways over Public Lands under R.S. 2477 as an amendment to the Official Montezuma County Road Map.  Commissioner Ertel moved that the Board of Montezuma County Commissioners issue the letter to Derek Padilla, District Ranger, Dolores Ranger District, in regard to our historic right-of-ways, our map provided to them, and our descriptions of all of the public right of ways that are going to fall under the RS2477 statute. Included within that motion, Commissioner Candelaria moved to send the same letter to Connie Clementson at the Tres Rios Field Office, with the same description as Commissioner Ertel just stated.  Seconds to the motion, were made by Commissioners Candelaria and Ertel.  With a unanimous vote in favor, the motion carried.  Other topics discussed included the Flowdine / Yellow Jacket allotments and the Request for Product (RFP) for the Administration Building Sign Project. (See attached)


COUNTY COMMISSIONER REPORT: Topics discussed within the Commissioners reports included; the Governors weekly call.

PUBLIC COMMENT: No public comment was made.

CORRESPONDENCE: The following correspondence was read and noted:

MOTION TO ADJOURN: was made by Commissioner Candelaria seconded by Commissioner Ertel and carried.




_______________________________                       ____________________________

Clerk                        December 29, 2020                   Chairman


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