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BOCC Minutes February 16, 2021



February 16, 2021






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At a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners, Montezuma County, Colorado, held on Tuesday February 16, 2021 at the Montezuma County Administration building in Cortez, Colorado, there were present:




Jim Candelaria, Chairman

Kent Lindsay, Vice Chairman

Joel Stevenson, Commissioner of Deeds

Shalako Powers, County Administrator

John C. Baxter, County Attorney

Kim Percell, County Clerk



CHAIRMAN, CANDELARIA opened the meeting of February 16, 2021 with the Pledge of Allegiance.


MINUTES: Commissioner Lindsay moved to accept the minutes of the Proceedings of the Board of Commissioners Montezuma County, Colorado dated February 9, 2021 as presented.  Motion was seconded by Commissioner Stevenson and carried.


PUBLIC COMMENT: No comments were made.


SHERIFF’S MONTHLY REPORT: Sheriff, Steven Nowlin met with the Commissioners to give his monthly report which included; the Calls for Service Report, the Calls for Service dispatch fees, a proposed Regional Dispatch Intergovernmental Agreement, the Dispatch Center Audit, the Year to Date Transport Report, the Total Monthly Inmate Report, the Total Monthly Arrests Report, the DOC Holds Report, state reimbursement fees, the January 2021 Jail Report, the January Courtesy Holds Report, the Detective Division Report, the January 2021 Sheriffs Monthly Report and the Jail Operations Expenses Report.  Other topics discussed included; proposed legislation, Joint Task Force statistics of seized drugs, firearms and cash, conviction rates, a proposed Sheriff’s Office salary increase, certification, recruitment and retention.  (See attached)   


COUNTY CORONER: Coroner, George Deavers met with the Commissioners to give a monthly report.  Coroner Deavers reported that he’d had 48 calls in the last 2½ months that included, 1 suicide, 1 death from a motor vehicle accident and 1 overdose death.  Also reported was the Dolores County usage of the County’s autopsy facility.  


DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Office Manager, Clarisa Feuilly met with the Commissioners to give a monthly report.  Topics discussed included; the issues with the DOC Holds, advertising for a new attorney / open investigator position, an updated case statistics report and jury trial processing. 


EMERGENCY MANAGER REPORT: Emergency Manager, Jim Spratlen met with the Commissioner and gave a monthly update.  Manager Spratlen presented for discussion and review; the Monthly Situational Report, the proposed Policy on Misconduct, the proposed Procurement Policy, the proposed Hazard Mitigation Plan and the Aspen Wall Wood Mitigation Plan. Commissioner Stevenson moved to sign the Montezuma Misconduct Guidance.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Lindsay and carried.  (See attached)


COUNTY ATTORNEY REPORT: County Attorney, John Baxter, discussed the PAX LLC weed mitigation and the Mancos Airport reclamation project. 


NATURAL RESOURCES, PLANNING & PUBLIC LANDS: Resource Director, James Dietrich, nothing to report.


COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR REPORT: Administrator Shak Powers read the following public notices; Board to Board Meeting scheduled February 16th, 6:00 p.m. with the Cortez City Council and the Board to Board Meeting scheduled February 18th, 6:30 p.m. with the Dolores Town Council.  Administrator Powers discussed a letter from Robert Kennedy requesting reappointment to the Fairview Cemetery District Board. Commissioner Lindsay moved to appoint Robert Kennedy to a 2 year term on the Fairview Cemetery District.  Second by Commissioner Stevenson and carried.  Other topics discussed included; the Social Services Citizens Review Panel letters of interest, scheduling interviews and employment opportunities at the Ironwood Mill.  (See attached)


COUNTY COMMISSIONER REPORT: Topics discussed within the Commissioners reports included: Commissioner Lindsay discussed reading mail and public conversations.  Commissioner Stevenson discussed reading mail, the attended Mancos Board to Board, the attended regular Mancos Town Board meeting and the attended Cattleman’s Association meeting.  Commissioner Candelaria reported on the attended Mancos Board to Board meeting, the Multi Agency Coordination meeting, a meeting with Representatives Exum and Gray, the Southwest TPR meeting, the Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC), the Cattleman’s Association meeting and the County Commissioners of Southwest Colorado meeting.


Chairman Candelaria announced the adjournment of the meeting for the LUNCH break.

Chairman Candelaria announced the meeting would reconvene. 


WATER ISSUES, ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, 3rd Congressional District Director, Clarice Navarro, Southwest Basin Round Table, Montezuma County Representative, Ed Millard, Dolores Water Conservation District Manager, Ken Curtis and by Zoom Southwest Water Conservation District Representative, Don Schwindt,  met with the Commissioners to discuss County water issues.  Mr. Millard presented slides discussing the Dolores River Canyon National Conservation Area and the Horns of the Colorado River Dilemma.  (See attached)


PUBLIC LANDS: Bureau of Land Management, Connie Clementson introduced herself and the new Canyon of the Ancients National Monument Manager, Ray O’Neil. 




CORRESPONDENCE: The following correspondence was read and noted:


MOTION TO ADJOURN: was made by Commissioner Lindsay seconded by Commissioner Stevenson and carried.




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