YouTube: Montezuma County BOCC Workshop January 9, 2023


DATE:  January 9, 2023                                




1:30 P.M.


                              OREC Proposals discussion – James Dietrich

                              Administrative budget, policy and procedure discussion – Travis Anderson

                              Strategic Planning discussion – Travis Anderson

                              2023 BOCC meeting schedule – Vicki Shaffer

                              Fairgrounds water suppression system discussion – Justin McGuire

                              Fairgrounds bathrooms discussion – Justin McGuire

                              Racetrack contract discussion – Justin McGuire

                              Organization of the BOCC Commissioners discussion

                              Contract OLA (25346) Montezuma County discussion

                              CESA Grant Agreement discussion – Kim Percell


IN ADDITION the Board of County Commissioners shall conduct such further business as may come before said meeting.

Please Note:  Except for the start time and public hearings, all other times are approximate only.

2022 Resolutions


BOCC Meetings

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Workshop Meetings



Jim Candelaria (District 1) Phone: (970) 749-3841

Vice Chairman

Kent Lindsay (District 2) Phone: (970) 560-1471

Commissioner of Deeds

Gerald Koppenhafer (District 3) Phone: 970-749-0262
Contact Montezuma County Vice-Chairman, Jim Candelaria  (District 1)
Contact Montezuma County Commissioner Kent Lindsay (District 2)
Contact Montezuma County Commissioner Gerald Koppenhafer (District 3)
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