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YouTube: Montezuma County BOCC Workshop February 5, 2024



DATE: February 5, 2024              



 1:30 P.M.


 Mancos Conservation District Updates

o  Gretchen Rank, Managing Director

o  Danny Margoles, Executive Director -Organizational transitions and funding 

o  Sensa Wolcott, Watershed Coordinator -Stream Management Plan

o  Neva Connolly, District Manager for High Desert and Mancos Conservation Districts – STAR Plus Soil Health Program

·       Discussion regarding increased stop signs at Road P/Road 25 – Rob Englehart

·       Discussion regarding Noxious Weed Plan and providing it to the Noxious Weed Advisory Committee

·       CATPA BATTLE Grant FY2025 – Rob Dobry, Jeff Copeland

·       Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant – Rob Dobry, Wanda Martin

·       CDOT FASTER Grant for New MoCo Transportation Van- Rob Dobry, Jennifer Morris

·       Letter of Support for Cortez Local Planning Capacity Grant – Rob Dobry

·       Discussion and update from Heritage Museum as it relates to a Letter of Support – Jeff Brown

·      Big Game Corridors/ Gunnison Sage Grouse BLM Resource Management Plan Amendment                  

        Value West Contract – Leslie Bugg

·       Discussion– Public Safety Sales Tax and reduction of levies

·       Discussion– Public Safety Sales Tax and rates assignments


IN ADDITION the Board of County Commissioners shall conduct such further business as may come before said meeting.  Please Note: Except for the start time and public hearings, all other times are approximate only.

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