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Resolution No. 11-2023 A Resolution Amending the 2022 Budget

Resolution # 11-2023

A Resolution Amending the 2022 Budget

WHEREAS, Montezuma County adopted operating and capital budgets for the General Fund, Road & Bridge Fund, Conservation Trust Fund, Clara Ormiston Fund, Emergency Telephone Service Fund, Sheriff’s Forfeiture Fund, Revolving Loan Fund, Lodgers Tax Fund, Law Enforcement Authority Fund, Capital Fund, Landfill Enterprise Fund, TABOR Emergency Reserve, Contingency Fund, and Unallocated General Fund Reserve, on December 7, 2021 , for the ensuing budget year 2022; and

WHEREAS, Montezuma County, after adoption of the 2022 budget, received unanticipated revenues or revenues not assured at the time of the adoption of the budget other than the local government’s property tax mill levy.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of County Commissioners of Montezuma County, Colorado, the governing board, authorizes the expenditure of such funds by enacting a supplemental budget and appropriation as follows:

General Fund 
Total General Fund Additional Appropriations and Expenditures$393,775
Beginning General Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$21,338,589
Road & Bridge Fund 
Beginning Road & Bridge Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$4,625,848
Public Health Fund 
Beginning Public Health Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$1,151,439
Conservation Trust Fund 
Beginning Conservation Trust Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$ 631 ,899
Clara Ormiston Fund 
Beginning Clara Ormiston Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$56,678
Emergency Telephone Service Fund 
Beginning Emergency Telephone Service Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$551,938
Sheriff’s Forfeiture Fund 
Beginning Sheriff’s Forfeiture Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$25,160
Revolving Loan Fund 
Beginning Fund Balance as if 1/1/2022$42,387
Lodgers Tax Fund 
Beginning Lodgers Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$274,109
Law Enforcement Authority Fund 
Beginning Law Enforcement Authority Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$1,407,842
Capital Fund 
Beginning Capital Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$133,766
Landfill Enterprise Fund 
Total Landfill Enterprise Fund Additional Appropriations and Expenditures$400,000
Beginning Landfill Enterprise Fund Net Assets as of 1/1/2022$1,849,247
TABOR Emergency Reserve 
Beginning TABOR Emergency Reserve Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$722,119
Contingency Fund 
Beginning Contingency Fund Balance as of 1/1/2022$595,335
Unallocated General Fund Reserve 
No Amendment Required 
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