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YouTube: Montezuma County BOCC August 31, 2021


DATE:                    August 31, 2021


9:00 A.M.            Minutes


1.      The Planning Department will present for signatures of a Subdivision Amendment& Rezoning to the Lichliter 2 Lot Moderate Subdivision, submitted by Julian Martinez, on property located at 25695 Road M, Cortez, CO, consisting of 11.35acres, more or less, located north of Road M, west of Road 26, situated inSections 11, T.36N., R.16W., N.M.P.M.

2.      The Planning Department will present for signatures of an After-The-Fact Exemptionsubmitted by Michael & Regina Ford, on property located at 16389 , Cortez,CO, consisting of 1.37 acres, more or less, located north of Road S, west of Road 20, situated in Section 23, T.37N, R.17W, N.M.P.M.

3.      The Planning Department will present for discussion of a proposed Varianceapplication submitted by Bruce Lightenburger; agent: Keenen Lovett, on Lot # 8of the Dolores River Ranches Subdivision, located at 18916 Hwy 145, Dolores, CO, consisting of 36.65 acres, more or less, located south of Hwy 145, situated in Section 7, T. 37N, R. 14W, N.M.P.M.

Other item(s) may be discussed.

                                Public CommentSession

The Board of Montezuma County Commissioners welcomes you to this meeting.  Person speaking during Public Comment will be limited to three minutes, or depending on the number of people wishing to speak, it may be reduced to allow all members of the public the opportunity to address the board.  When addressing the Board, please state your name and address for the record prior to providing your comments.  Comments to individual Supervisors or staff are not permitted. Participants may not yield their time to others.

                                Jennifer Nelson – Appeal PlanningDepartment Decision to Commissioners

Community Intervention Program – Haley Leonard-Saunders, SheriffNowlin, Chief Knuckles, Marshall Goodall, Chief Balfour, Director Spratlen, Grant Writer – Rachael Marchbanks-Simbeck

County Government Updates

                CountyAssessor – Leslie Bugg

                CountyTreasurer – Ellen Black

                County Clerk and Recorder – KimPercell

Southwest Memorial Hospital – Jeanette Filpi, Rick Shrader

Water Update – Don Schwindt

                                Unfinished Business

·        Appointmentto Southwest Roundtable

·        ApproveChanges to Handbook

*County AttorneyReport – Ian MacLaren

*NaturalResources, Planning and Public Lands Report – James Dietrich

*CountyAdministrator Report – Shak Powers

*CountyCommissioners Report

ADDITION the Board of County Commissioners shall conduct such further business as may come before said meeting.

Please Note:  Except for the start time and public hearings, all other times are approximate only.

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