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BOCC Minutes February 23, 2021



February 23, 2021






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At a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners, Montezuma County, Colorado, held on Tuesday February 23, 2021 at the Montezuma County Administration building in Cortez, Colorado, there were present:




Jim Candelaria, Chairman

Kent Lindsay, Vice Chairman

Joel Stevenson, Commissioner of Deeds

Shalako Powers, County Administrator

John C. Baxter, County Attorney

Kim Percell, County Clerk



CHAIRMAN, CANDELARIA opened the meeting of February 23, 2021 with the Pledge of Allegiance.


MINUTES: Commissioner Lindsay moved to accept the minutes of the Proceedings of the Board of Commissioners Montezuma County, Colorado dated February 16, 2021 as presented.  Motion was seconded by Commissioner Stevenson and carried.


PLANNING: Planning Director, Don Haley, and Planning Assistant, S. Jane Duncan met with the Commissioners to discuss the appointment of an alternate Planning and Zoning Commissioner.  Commissioner Stevenson moved to accept Eddie Mac Taylor as the Planning alternate with John Hernandez and Bob Ower on the list as needed.  Second by Commissioner Lindsay.  With two votes in favor by Commissioners Lindsay and Stevenson and one vote against by Commissioner Candelaria the motion carried.  


BOARD OF COUNTY HEALTH: Public Health Director, Bobbie Lock along with Laurel Schafer and Dr. Kent Aiken met with the Commissioner to give updates with the Health Department. Topics discussed included; the carpet replacement project, required COVID modifications to the WIC program and the Options for Long Term Care Program, the canceled Nail It Down Program, advertising for a replacement Health Nurse position, a County COVID update and vaccination statistics.  Doctor Aiken discussed the county moving to level blue on the COVID Status Dial.  Director Lock presented for review the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment VIP/OSP-CNC Contract Amendment #1, (Original contract 2020*3672).  Commissioner Stevenson moved to go forward with the Contract Amendment #1 Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, contract number 2020-3672.  Second by Commissioner Lindsay and carried.  (See attached) 


PUBLIC COMMENT: No comments were made.


SPECIAL EVENT LIQUOR LICENSE: Deputy Clerk, Jerri Frizzell presented a special event liquor license application for the Kiwanis of Mesa Verde to hold an event at the County Fairgrounds on April 17, 2021 from 5:00 – 10:00 p.m.  Commissioner Lindsay moved to move forward with signing the Kiwanis of Mesa Verde’s, Special Events permit application for the Fairgrounds.  Second by Commissioner Stevenson and carried (See attached) 


LIQUOR LICENSE: Deputy Clerk, Frizzell presented a liquor license renewal application for Triple H&J Inc., DBA Smitty’s Liquors located at 10255 Hwy 491 Cortez.  Commissioner Stevenson moved to approve the liquor license for Triple H&J Inc., DBA Smitty’s Liquors.  Second by Commissioner Lindsay and carried.  (See attached)


DISCUSSION: Region 9 Director, Laura Lewis Marchino along with Economic Development Project Manager, Heather Otter met with the Commissioners to introduce themselves and give an overview of their programs and services.  Director, Marchino discussed the 2020 Montezuma County Performance Report.  Topics within the discussion included; the 2020 Montezuma Representatives, the Region 9 staff, technical assistances, regional initiatives, the Southwest Colorado Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs (SCAPE), enterprise zones, contribution projects and small business loans.  Manager, Otter discussed the Economic Development Fundamentals, education and outreach, the players, Montezuma Economic efforts, Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), measuring effectiveness, direct job growth, quality of life, Montezuma base analysis, the State holders group, business retention and expansion, opportunity zones, incentives, leadership development, workforce development and youth engagement.   It was reported that Region 9 representative was available for appointments on Thursdays at the Dolores State Bank.  (See attached)


BOARD OF SOCIAL SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT: It being the time set aside, the Board of Social Services was conducted.  Director, Gina Montoya and Finance Officer, Lori Higgins were present.  (See attached)


VETERANS SERVICE: Veteran Service Officer, Rick Torres met with the Commissioners to give a monthly report.  A copy of the Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, County Veterans Service Officers Monthly Report and Certification of Pay, January 2021 was presented for the record.  Other topics discussed included; the January 2021 financial report, a review of office activities, statistical data and the indirect income to Montezuma County.  (See attached). 


SENIOR SERVICES: Jonathon G. Parker met with the Commissioners to give a monthly report on the Senior Services programs.  Manager Parker reported that March 22, 2021 had been set as a date for re-opening.  They plan to be open a couple days a week with limited numbers.  A discussion was held regarding services to homebound seniors within the County.


MONTEZUMA COUNTY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION (MCCO): MCCO Manager, Jennifer Morris met with the Commissioners to give a monthly report.  Topics discussed included; homebound senior outreach, ridership statistics, the Meals on Wheels program, an award of a $5,000.00 grant from the City of Cortez contingent upon the designated route feasibility study, CARES Act funds, the new van contract, an Intelliride survey and Medicaid clients.  Administrator Powers received an email from Dr. Aiken asking that if any homebound seniors needed the vaccination to email him at


CSU EXTENSION OFFICE: 4-H Coordinator, Andrea Jeter met with the Commissioners to introduce herself and gave an overview of the 4-H Programs.  Topics of the discussion included; the number of participants, the County Fair, youth development programs, COVID event planning forms, County Council meetings, officer training, community service projects, a 101 beginners 4-H training, a dehydrations class, the MY Preparedness Initiative Program and homeschool groups. 


NATURAL RESOURCES, PLANNING & PUBLIC LANDS: Resource Director, James Dietrich, presented for review, a letter of support addressed to the State Historical Fund in support of the City of Cortez Historic Preservation Board Survey & Planning grant request and a letter of thanks addressed to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert for her recent visit to the county to discuss water issue concerns.  Commissioner Stevenson moved to approve the two letters, one to the State Historical Fund and the other to the Honorable Lauren Boebert.  Second by Commissioner Lindsay and carried.  Other topics discussed included; the Rangeland Stewardship meeting, the scheduled hybrid meeting with the Dolores Town Council, the proposed Congresswoman Boebert’s amendments to the DeGette Wilderness Bill, the 30×30 proposition, a future Federal Water Rights presentation by Roy Smith from the BLM and the proposed NCA.  (See attached) 


COUNTY ATTORNEY REPORT: County Attorney, John Baxter, discussed the Kinder Morgan BAA hearing, the Statute 30-11-107.5 regulation of a 2% cap for the Lodgers Tax, the County Road Y gate issue, a scheduled Social Services jury trial, state statutes regarding municipal Master Street Plan and the Nuisance Planning / Health Department enforcement issues.


COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR REPORT: Administrator Shak Powers read a Public Notice for a hybrid meeting with the Dolores Town Council scheduled at 4:00 p.m. on February 25, 2021.  Other topics discussed included the Colorado Water Congress delegates to be appointed during the afternoon water issue discussion and the Nuisance Planning / Health Department enforcement issues.  (See attached)


EXPENDITURES REPORT: Administrator Powers presented the January 2021 Accounts Payable Expenditure Reports for approval.  Commissioner Stevenson moved to approve the payables for January 2021, for Montezuma County. Second by Commissioner Lindsay and carried.   (See attached)


COUNTY COMMISSIONER REPORT: Topics discussed within the Commissioners reports included: Commissioner Stevenson discussed the BOCC attended, City of Cortez Board to Board meeting, the Social Services tour, a CCI Public Health training, the Planning & Zoning Commissioner interviews, the attended Town of Dolores Board to Board meeting and an attended Health Department meeting.  Commissioner Stevenson showed a flyer for the future opening of the new Bell Beef StoreCommissioner Lindsay discussed public conversations regarding the Master Streets Plan.  Commissioner Candelaria gave Senate and House bill updates from the attended CCI legislative meeting.


Chairman Candelaria announced the adjournment of the meeting for the LUNCH break.

Chairman Candelaria announced the meeting would reconvene. 


WATER ISSUES, ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: Dolores Water Conservation District (DWCD) Manager, Ken Curtis, Southwest Basin Round Table, Montezuma County Representative, Ed Millard, and by Zoom Southwest Water Conservation District Representative, Don Schwindt, met with the Commissioners to discuss County water issues.  DWCD Manager Curtis discussed; the Plateau Creek, the Totten Reservoir, McElmo water users and the Towaoc Highline Canal.  Representative Millard presented slides that discussed the DeGette Wilderness Bill, the Water Equity Tax Force, Antispeculation, the Basin Implementation Plan and Our Disappearing Entitlement. The Commissioners were in agreement that the Colorado Water Congress delegates would be Ed Millard as the primary along with Ian MacLaren and James Dietrich as secondary delegates.  (See attached)


CORRESPONDENCE: The following correspondence was read and noted:


MOTION TO ADJOURN: was made by Commissioner Lindsay seconded by Commissioner Stevenson and carried.



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