YouTube: Montezuma County BOCC Workshop February 6, 2023


DATE: February 6, 2023                               




1:30 P.M.

Chicken Creek parking area discussion– Derek Padilla, Chicken Creek Nordic, San Juan Sledders

Discussion Beaver Rim Pit Draft Agreement – Rob Englehart

Discussion Sheriff’s request for Roll-Over Funds, Pre-trial, Casino – Sheriff Nowlin/Faedra Grubbs

Discussion Ute Mountain Casino Contract – Sheriff Nowlin

Discussion regarding updated Noxious Weed Plan – Bonnie Loving

Discussion regarding Public Health Options for Long Term Care Contract amendment 



IN ADDITION the Board of County Commissioners shall conduct such further business as may come before said meeting.

Please Note:  Except for the start time and public hearings, all other times are approximate only.

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Jim Candelaria (District 1) Phone: (970) 749-3841

Vice Chairman

Kent Lindsay (District 2) Phone: (970) 560-1471

Commissioner of Deeds

Gerald Koppenhafer (District 3) Phone: 970-749-0262
Contact Montezuma County Vice-Chairman, Jim Candelaria  (District 1)
Contact Montezuma County Commissioner Kent Lindsay (District 2)
Contact Montezuma County Commissioner Gerald Koppenhafer (District 3)
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