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BOCC Minutes November 29, 2022



November 29, 2022






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At a regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners, Montezuma County, Colorado, held on Tuesday November 29, 2022 at the Montezuma County Administration building in Cortez, Colorado, there were present:




Jim Candelaria, Chairman

Kent Lindsay, Vice Chairman

Gerald Koppenhafer, Commissioner of Deeds

Travis Anderson, County Administrator

Ian MacLaren, County Attorney

Kim Percell, County Clerk




CHAIRMAN, CANDELARIA opened the meeting of November 29, 2022 with the Pledge of Allegiance


MINUTES: Commissioner Lindsay moved to accept the minutes of the November 21, 2022, E911 meeting and also the minutes of the, November 22, 2022, Proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners of Montezuma County.  Motion was seconded by Commissioner Koppenhafer and carried


PLANNING: Planning Director, Don Haley along with Assistant, S. Jane Duncan presented for discussion and approval of an Exemption Resolution submitted by Rodney & Crystal Daves, on property located at TBD Hwy 491, Pleasant View, CO, consisting of 9.51 acres, more or less, located west of Hwy 491, north of Road DD, situated in Section 25, Township 39N, Range 18W, N.M.P.M.  Commissioner Lindsay moved to accept the exemption resolution submitted by Rodney & Crystal Daves, on property located at TBD Hwy 491, Pleasant View.  Second by Commissioner Koppenhafer and carried.  (See attached) 


DISCUSSION: Director Haley reported that contact had been made, to the Road P property owner regarding a Land Use Code Violation.  Other topics discussed included; scheduling a work session to discuss a proposed County incentive program to help properties become compliant with the Land Use Code. 


PUBLIC COMMENT: No public comment was made.


ROAD & BRIDGE DEPARTMENT: Road Superintendent, Rob Englehart met with the Commissioners to give a monthly report.  Superintendent Englehart gave an update on the Alkali Bridge project and the CCI Grant award.  The December 2022, work schedule was presented for discussion. Topics discussed included; culvert replacements, road shouldering, crack seal paved roads, gravel roads, tree trimming, snow plowing, road blading, the scheduled CCI conference and maintenance obligations for Road 31 after November 1st.  The biannual Colorado Department of Transportation bridge inspections report was presented for discussion.    (See attached)


LANDFILL: Landfill Manager, Mel Jarmon gave his monthly report which included the 2022 Landfill budget spread sheet.  Topics discussed with the report included; an update on the construction of Cell 5, the five year financial assurance to CDPHE, equipment repairs, organics to the Carver Field, a proposed increase to the baling wire and tire fees, a video of the new compost turner and an update on the material coming from the Ironwood property.  (See attached)


FAIRGROUNDS: Fairgrounds Manager, Justin McGuire gave his monthly report which included the year to date numbers.  Year to date numbers included; 60,915 in attendance, Revenues at $85,725.99 and Expenditures at $226,280.98.  A discussion was held regarding past and future events scheduled at the Fairgrounds.  Other topics discussed included, the funeral services to be held at the Fairgrounds for Deputy Janz, the Fire Suppression Project, maintenance, transformer upgrades, the outdoor Restroom Project, and the Race Track contract. The commissioners were in agreement to postpone the Racetrack contract decision for further review.   (See attached)



DISCUSSION: Sheriff Nowlin met with the Commissioners to discuss the Southern Health Partners Contract.  The Commissioners were in agreement to schedule a special meeting Wednesday November 30, 2022 for determination.


COUNTY ATTORNEY REPORT: County Attorney, Ian MacLaren gave an update on the Ironwood property compliance case. 


NATURAL RESOURCES, PLANNING & PUBLIC LANDS: Resource Director, James Dietrich, no report given.


COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR REPORT: County Administrator, Travis Anderson, discussed the Transformer and Restroom projects at the Fairgrounds, mill levies, the development of a Financial and Budget Policy and participation in a United Way Team Child Maltreatment Prevention event.


COUNTY COMMISSIONER REPORT: Topics discussed within the Commissioners reports included: Commissioner Koppenhafer reported that due to the holiday there had not been a regular Mancos Town Council meeting.  He also discussed constituent phone calls and the applications received for the Extension Agent.   Commissioner Lindsay discussed his Zoom attendance to the Cortez City Council meeting.  Commissioner Candelaria gave an overview of the Monday Workshop.

Attorney Maclaren discussed the Fairgrounds fee waiver request for the funeral services for the Deputy Janz.  Commissioner Lindsay moved to waive the fees at the Fairgrounds for the services of this young deputy.  Second by Commissioner Koppenhafer and carried. 


MOTION TO ADJOURN: was made by Commissioner Lindsey, seconded by Commissioner Koppenhafer and carried.


CORRESPONDENCE: The following correspondence was read and noted: Email from Ingrid Ward.







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Clerk                     November 29, 2022                            Chairman


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