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Resolution No. 13-2022 Abandonment of a portion of Road Y.

Resolution # 13-2022

WHEREAS, A public hearing was conducted on November 15th, 2022 on the proposed abandonment of a portion of Road Y crossing lands owned by Cortez, LLC within Sections 1,2,11 and 12 of Township 37 north, Range 19 west N.M.P.M.

WHEREAS, the proof of publication was presented during that public hearing along with a map and legal description of the portion of County Road Y to be abandoned,

WHEREAS, this Resolution will be filed with the Montezuma County Clerk and Recorders office;

WHEREAS, the legal description of subject area vacated is as follows:

A 60′ public road ROW beginning at a point along the eastern boundary of Government Lot 13 within the NW/4SW/4 of Section 31 Township 38n Range 18w NMPM, following a westerly and southerly direction, terminating at a point along the eastern boundary of Government Lot 1, which is the current boundary of Canyon of the Ancients N.M., within the SW/4/NE/4 of Section 11 Township 37n Range 19w, a road approximately 3 and 1/10ths of a miles in length.

WHEREAS, Said portion of road follows the alignments that have been shown as a County Road Y on the Official County Road Maps since 1953 and public funds have been expended on maintenance of the roadway.

WHEREAS, C.R.S. 43-2-110 allows a County Road following a public said closing.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Montezuma County, Colorado, Board of Commissioners, that portion of County Road Y as described above is vacated, title to same portion crossing privately held land under parcel number 5351-011-00-001 is vested in CORTEZ, LLC, 13202 BRUDER LANE, REDLANDS” CA 92373, owners of the tract of land. Title to portion(s) of roadway crossing publicly held lands to revert to said federal jurisdiction and control. Vacation was granted.

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