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Resolution No. 3-2020


WHEREAS, The Constitution of the United States of America requires the U. S. Census Bureau to conduct a count of the population and provide an opportunity for local governments to help shape the foundation of our society; and

WHEREAS, Montezuma County Government is committed to working with the entire community to ensure every resident is counted in the upcoming 2020 Census; and

WHEREAS, in 2010, Montezuma County had a Census self-response rate of 76%, but in 2020 officials have set a goal of 90%; and

WHEREAS, the Census brings $675 Billion in federal funds to communities across the country for programs that support highways, hospitals, affordable housing, community development, emergency preparation and response, nutrition for women, infants and children, elder care facilities, schools, child daycare, and more; and

WHEREAS, specifically Colorado receives over $13 Billion or $2,300 per capita annually for the Federal Assistance Programs because of Census-derived data; and

WHEREAS, Census data determines the number of seats each state will have in the U. S. House of Representatives in addition to the redistricting of state legislatures, county commissions, school boards and voting districts; and

WHEREAS, Accurate Census information is critcal to planning for future growth, development and social needs of Montezuma County

WHEREAS, those who work for the Census Bureau must take a lifetime oath to protect confidentiality and ensure that data identifying respondents of their households must not be released or shared; and

WHEREAS, the 2020 Census will feature new technology that will allow respondents to answer Census questions online in addition to by phone or on paper; and

WHEREAS, shortly, a united voice from business, government, educators, non-profits, faith leaders, media and others will work to market the 2020 Census across the entire community to raise overall awareness and to increase participation among all populations.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that we the members of the Montezuma County Board of Commissioners do hereby support the goals of the 2020 Census and will participate in outreach and information sharing to encourage increased participation in order to achieve an accurate and complete count, and work to raise awareness about the programs and services made possible by the Census.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we the members of the Montezuma County Board of Commissioners do hereby set a Census self-response goal of90% or higher for the 2020 Census.

This 11th day of February, 2020

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